SEDP – Simbag sa Pag-Asenso, Inc.
  • Main Office
    The Chancery, Cathedral Compound
    Albay District, Legazpi City 4500
  • Working Hours
    Monday - Saturday
    8:00AM - 5:00PM

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Business loan is intended exclusively for start-up capital or additional capital for an existing microenterprise of members. Business Loan ranges from P3,000 to P 300,000.00 where the loan term varies according to loan amount however, it can be shortened but not to exceed with the regular term of payment based on the amount of loan.


Business loan is the first type of loan that a new member can avail of with a maximum amount of P7,000.00


  • For start- up or additional capital

Multi-purpose loan is an incentive to members with good performance in terms of attendance and repayment loans.  The loanable amount is maximum of P 20,000 payable in 10 months for any amount.


Multi-purpose loan can be availed of for the following purposes:


  1. House improvement
  2. Educational needs
  3. Health emergency needs
  4. Additional Capital

Special Loan is an accessible and affordable financial service that is intended to cater other sectors whose nature of employment and/or economic undertakings prevents members from attending the usual weekly center meetings being adapted in group lending methodology.  Its operations and processing is lodged at the branches.   The loan amount varies according to program types or the clients being served such as:


  • Parish workers
  • Commercial establishment workers
  • Small Entrepreneurs

Student Loan product is intended to cover needs for tuition/non-tuition fee or other school related needs of the qualified beneficiary who is currently enrolled in college for academic or technical courses.


Non SEDP member/non regular member may apply for Student Loan for his/her qualified dependent provided that set requirements and criteria are met.   The following are potential beneficiaries.


  1. SEDP member
  2. Members’ children
  3. Non- regular SEDP members children
  4. Member’s relative who is living with the member and being supported by his family for his/her tertiary education
    • For tuition fee & other educational needs of members’ children in college/tertiary level.

The Members Security Loan aims to respond the need of members for social protection through facilitation of enrollment/collection of premium for SSS ( Social Security System)  and Philhealth.


  • For social security needs of members and their family

The SEDP Micro-Agri Loan aims to cater the agricultural sector engaging at least from mono crop system.


The loan is intended to provide farmers with working capital for agricultural activities and farm inputs.


  • For farm activity and agricultural needs
  • Intended for acquisition of water purifier

SEDP Inc. subscribes to the view that the poor can save.   It also believes that a robust savings mobilization is essential to the program’s sustainability.  The built-in savings mobilization scheme serves the following purposes:

  1. It imposes discipline on the group members in developing savings habit;
  2. It enhances capital formation and increased investment; and
  3. It provides cover to formal risks, seasonal variations in income, natural calamities, member’s sickness etc.


Thus, savings linked to credit policies provides a good incentive for the members to develop savings habit.

SEDP addresses certain life events and minor emergencies especially in times of death among members of their families.  SEDP provides micro-insurance to qualified members through the SEDP-MUTUAL Benefit Association (SEDP-MBA).  This is to ensure that families do not slide back down to the slippery slope of poverty.  The Mutual Benefit Association does not only provide burial assistance to members and their dependents, but also loan redemption and loan refund.

The Socio-Economic Development Program Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SEDP MPC) – is the business development arm of the SEDP microfinance.

This is in recognition that members do not only need loan but also entrepreneurial management skills, product development and marketing for them to be able to uplift their economic situation.

The SEDP MPC is designed to provide our “Nanays”  (mothers)   who are ready to scale up a one-stop-shop for all the services that their businesses will need.  The SEDP Multi-Purpose Cooperative provides training and mentoring sessions, product development assistance, market access through the Community Store and other markets.